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Suspect in Jonestown murder captured

Posted: Friday, November 20, 2009 12:00 am

Monday, Nov. 16, at approximately 8 p. m.,  Coahoma County Sheriff’s deputies and Jonestown Police Department officers responded to a shooting in Jonestown.

Darrell Sykes, a 31 year old black male from 326 Craddock Street in Jonestown, was found shot on the scene.

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  • anonymous posted at 12:10 pm on Wed, Dec 23, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    First,I say "thou shalt not judge." God is on the way and you that don't have your life in order your time is running out. If you see something wrong with someone or something and you didn't try to help then you are to also blame; if you see a need or cry for help and you didn't help you are to blame; have you figured out what your purpose here on earth is if not you MAD and ungodly people have more things to worry about other than me and my family. Thanks be unto God that he has the last say so and not MAN. All wrong and right will be accounted for.Your home, town, or anything you call yours is not what it suppose to be, so if we all spin time sweeping under our own then what? You want have time to ....... Let us come together as a whole and fix it and make Coahoma County a better place. For you people that said "Fry Him" don't look around and something happen to someone you love first and you live to see him go free.I myself don't know what happen and no one else other than the people who was there so Stop!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!I pray that God touch each and everyone of you citizen and the Mad people. We as citizen of Jonestown lets come together and make it a better place.My grief and prays goes out to the Sykes family sorry for your lost God is going to take care of you and also the person who did it. PLEASE LET GOD BE THE JUDGE!!!!!!!MAY GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous posted at 6:16 pm on Tue, Dec 8, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    First give thanks to god almighty, to those that are writing such harsh thing concerning both families put yourself in there shoes an see how does it feel. By all mean if you meant well state that an let it be there is no need for anyone to go as far as your degree an what you have an what you do. If YOU don't put any help in jonestown ,dublin,roundway just naming some places than shut up. Both families are hurt have you no heart my prayers goes out to all of you especially the victim family an the accuser family as well. Both families are very much in shock please be a good citizen an leave it be. The law can only do so much we as parents need to teach our kids about the moral of life an than this place that we live will be better. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous posted at 9:01 am on Tue, Dec 8, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    I don't care what jonestown has become. if you read my statement...."i know longer live there" and about my has paid off for me and my family. i am fine! AND like i say,..."MY CONCERNS ARE TOWARD THE DECEASED AND HIS FAMILY." all of you who doesn't like what i am another blog!!!!!! because your comments do not move me at all.

  • anonymous posted at 1:26 am on Tue, Dec 8, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    To "Mr. Sneed", I am glad that Myrtle Shanks helped you to change your ways. Myrtle clearly made an impact on your life, and for that, she will forever have a place in your heart ,and all those close to her whom she tenderly cared for, namely my father. So, now you know who I am. Myrtle had a presence, vitality that bore the major, supporting key role in her family.......I feel her lost. The grief is strong and I am hoping strength will be restored and another Myrtle will emerge from w/in the various generational groups in the family.Let me offer you this advice if you don't mind. First, I don't think you owe anyone an explanation on your life unless they can add to your life, e.g., job, income, friendship, etc. Secondly, many people do not use their names when commenting on such controversial (sp) topics. By having used your name, look at the insult that was waged on you, despite you tellng the truth about the state of affairs in Jonestown. People are not hiding behind titles, but protecting their personal lives/identites, business, etc. Never give your location or any personal information on a web site where users can locate you or track your identity. PR has your name, therefore, not necessary to repeat any further. Mad comments were direct and analysis somewhat similar to yours. Mad had to set the declining immortality straight by defending credentials, paid for purchases, etc. Remember from the comments of the suspect's supporters, that none of us can guide or direct these supporters on the path of redemption, morality, loving their neighbors, caring, showing, remorsefulness for the victim and his family. keep on commenting/giving your opinons on issues......this is your right. Stay strong, be proud that you were able to overcome the stigma of poverty, socioeconomic decline by getting your education and now seeing a new generation to a success.........educating your children. I too, am saddened for Jonestown.

  • anonymous posted at 6:49 am on Mon, Dec 7, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    There is nothing wrong with Jonestown or its people. There were many condelences and heart felt compassion for the deceased man and his family in these comments. Education or correct grammar and spelling of words has nothing to do with this incident. People have a right to voice their opinion, this is America. But the negative people who want blood are no better than the suspect they are panting about. Obviously if you did have educations Mad and Hope you would know that suspect does not mean convicted. If you had any God in you you would not make comments about frying people. Isaac Sneed is a great young man, he rose up and didn't let his circumstances get in his way. The Neely guy is on his way to the top and is an example for all of people in that area, a new generation can grow up and change the atmosphere. The people with compassion for both families are full of the love of God. Who are you to judge God's precious people, he loves us all. Criminals, educated, poor, whatever. It is only through Him that we will find any worth. You know you talk about Jonestown, but pass the Tennesse border, the whole Mississipp Delta is considered a slum with poor illiterate people who do not stand together. I seriously pray for the whole area.

  • anonymous posted at 9:58 am on Sun, Dec 6, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    When I was 14 I was a theif, I did steal but the writter that wanted me to keep my comments to mysellf failed to also state that I was sentenced to the Columbia Reformatory school, Columbia , Mississippi where I payed for the crimes I commited. I am Jonestown, my comments were directed to the state of Jonestown now , and where I seee it going. The writter was correct I did change my life thanks to Myrlte Brown Shanks, and yes I did get my education. I have no commet on the crime , it is not my place to assume what happened. My comments related to the saddness I felt for this crime happening in Jonestown which is my home and willl always be. I hope that my saddness is shared by the residents of jonestown. I do remember a strong, peaceful and virbant Jonestown. I also must admit that I did not mention the residents of Jonestown that do care about Jonestown, and those that work hard to keep jonestown alive. And to the writter about me , I have changed , four daughters the oldest college educated, My 17 year old is on her way to Northern Kentucky University as a freshman. To the writter I live in a gated community, I have earned the right to do so, I assume you have not you If you spell (steal) still you have not and should be strong enough to stand by your disageements by stating you name. Mr. Neely is correct you should identify yourselves and let your neighbors know your dissatisfatcion with what is happening in Jonestown. I am not a part of Jonestown problems you are because each of you hid behind titles such as Mad, embrassed, saddened, and those words fit each of you, because they show that you are ashamed of your own town and scared to let anyone know that you are. And the comments you make shows more saddness and divisness in the town. Read what you write and consider what your comments of Jonestown says about the city. And please go back and read over and over again suspects ace boon coon comments and think again about what Jonestown has become and what it is producing.

  • anonymous posted at 9:05 am on Sat, Dec 5, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    To "Mad", your response on 12/4 was all inclusive and covered evetrything the naysayers needed, in response to others and me. You don't owe ignorance, street corners huggers/walkers, unemployable wannebees/don't want a job, and other appropriate descriptions any explanation. These despictable, unethical and immoral people would not even know how to match up to you, others, myself who have struggled to get our education and worked hard and went thru a lot to get our multiple degrees, assets, etc. I have 2 degrees and hours towards my Ph.D., and many years of working in my professional discipline. Jonestown is my home/birthplace, and I have many family members and friends still there. Altho', I am appalled with the comments from residents of Jonestown who have not expressed any remorse for the victim and his family, but overwhelmlngly in total support of the suspect. While I agree, innocent until proven guilty, but the victim deserves a grief consideration. Also, I would believe that the sheriff/police obtained the facts, DNA before they arrested the victim; and for all naysayers, my response/Mad, and others similar to us, we have a right to express our opinions which are based on the article itself. Since anger is the response preferred by naysayers, I would suggest that your anger be directed to the evidence, facts, DNA, etc., provided for the arrest to be made, subsequently, resulting in the articel being reorted on by the PR.. I understand that the victim had not lived in Jonestown that long. However, the attitudes, uncaring comments made in disrespect to the victim and his family, clearly demonstrates that the town is in moral decline. There is a great deal of ignorance being displayed by many making comments, and anarchy exoressions, consistent with lost of law and order for the local system of government.A lot has been said regarding this tragic and hurtful situation, and in view of the negative attitudes and anger displayed by some Jonestown residents, lack of remorsefulness for the victim and his family, I suggest that PR end this dialogue of comments. In closing, I don't see any hope for Jonestown from the immoral and anarchy attitudes of residents making expressions on this incident. It is heartbreaking to know that people of Jonestown are thinking as they do, being arrogant, ignorant, disrespectful, and have taken Mr. Sykes 'death so "lightly". What is left now for Jonestown? I don't know. Someone has suggested WMD (Weapons of Mass Destructions) ........out right destroying the town. I hope that will never happen; and residents and individuals responding to this article will realize and recognice (sp) that a change is needed to save the youth, young adults and elderly residents of the town. Good Luck Jonestown and troubled residents........I a at a lost for Jonestown.

  • anonymous posted at 6:20 am on Sat, Dec 5, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    I am so sorry to hear what happen, but I know that sorry will not bring the deceased man back. I do give my condolences to his family. The definiton of suspect is to believe to be guilty, with little or no proof, counterfeit, false. The man that is being held for this crime is my nephew and this is tearing me apart. I have read the discussions that have been written on this board, disappointed with some of them, but with all do respect, everyone has a right to his or her opinion. However, "I do love my nephew very much." I lost my brother about 4 months ago and I haven't gotten over that as yet. I have my good days and my bad days. I don't want to loose my nephew too. I was not there and I don't know what happen, I do not know the details of what is going on. I really don't beleive he was the one who did this. I just can't beleive that he would have it in his heart to take a life. I hope that the police down there are still investigating this crime and I hope that they proceed with it thoroughly.

  • anonymous posted at 6:12 am on Sat, Dec 5, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    Okay, MAD has a point, but what if this guy didn't do the crime then what? jonestown is a slum. and it is getting worst and worst to live at.

  • anonymous posted at 5:50 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    To all that disagree with what i had to say. I am not disappointed at all with what I read on this panel. You people do not put fear in me, you do not need to know my name, you do not need to know where I live, you do not need to know what I do for my community..which is plenty, you do not need to know how often I visit Jonestown..which is rare, BUT what I can tell you IS that I never been alleged of a crime, I never sold drugs, I never stood on a street corner, I never robbed or killed, I never been to jail, I never been jobless, I never stepped a foot into a court house, besides signing an eviction notice to have a tenant removed from MY property. This is all you need to know about me..including that I have a bachelor in science and a master in business. I have not convicted this young MAN of any crime, the system did! I responded to what I read, now, I do not know if you all are reading a totally different newspaper than me, but it IS the one that says, "The Suspect in Jonestown murder captured" AND "has been charged with (muder) homicide." Okay... now! it is not MY fault if you all can not comprehend what the paper is saying. I suggest you all get a translator to better help you all to understand. This is what I talk about on a daily basic about "KNOWLEDGE," it is very very important to have. On the other hand, if i have made some spelling errors, I am asking you to please please forgive me for erroring on MY paid for dell computer. I much rather error with my spelling, something that can be erased and corrected THAN erroring with my life,something that can never be corrected, like for an example...."this harsh crime that was commited". You do not have to respond, but if you want to feel free to do so. GOD bless you people in JONESTOWN and the sorrounding towns. I pray that justice be serve for this deceased man and his family...this is my only focus for now.

  • anonymous posted at 4:18 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    You people are entilted to your own opinion. Crime is wrong but this young man hasn't had trial yet so as far as i am concerned he is innocent until proven guilty. Those are right we have as American Citizens. I am talking to anyone on here with your hidden idenities. You won't say anything about Jonestown negetative and not here from me. Check yourself before you judge and point fingers. Dont come to out infested town you wont make it better. PUT YOUR REAL NAME UP WE ARE JUST HAVING A DISCUSSION(AN EXTENDED COMMUNICATION, OFTEN INTERACTIVE, DEALING WITH SOME PARTICULAR TOPIC) GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous posted at 3:59 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    please people can we leave this subject and start trying too handle our own problems please? i live in jonestown u all sound like the s... supertindent of our kids school that's why our kids scores are so low lets do our jod let GOD deal with this. thank you

  • anonymous posted at 2:28 am on Fri, Dec 4, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    One good Arch Light would solve the problem /// Arch Light = Air Strike for all you Democrats

  • anonymous posted at 3:34 pm on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.

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  • anonymous posted at 2:52 pm on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.

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    They had that young man's 1st appearance and they almost presented the whole case before they realized the man's lawyer wasn't there. Then they said, "Oh, we can't do nothing without his lawyer. But every body and they mama know what's going on. Now this is getting really messed up. Playing with someone's life like that, innocent or guilty is crazy. Ya'll coming against each other where it don't matter. You should be checking out the police and the justice system. That guy today, tomorrow it will be you. Think peole and come together. I'm praying for yall.

  • anonymous posted at 2:01 pm on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    Casie Traudmen, Mad, and Hope: I am not mad with anyone. I just want to know why you all have convicted this young man as though you know something. Were you there? or are you accusing him because he was the one who got arrested. All I am saying is that he could be the wrong man arrested for this crime. The person who really did it could be out there walking around still. But you are so dead set on convicting the person that they arrested. Please!! don't ever go by hear say, because you could one day find your self in that situtiaon if that is the case that you are following. Now if you somehow know for a fact how the crime occured, then that is a hold different situation. There have been lots of other cases were innocent people were arrested just because they record fit the crime, and then some years later they were released, because the real person was found; and the city got sued because of that. SO STOP JUDGING AND CONVICTING A PERSON UNTIL YOU FIND OUT IF THEY ARE INNOCENT OR GUILTY.

  • anonymous posted at 1:55 pm on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    you people is very sad to waist this precious time with mess like this.

  • anonymous posted at 4:26 am on Thu, Dec 3, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    why is everyone so angry at "MAD?" I kinda agree with this person. "MAD" didn't do the crime, it was allegally the young boy who done this crime. It is not the town that is infested- it is the people, this is the only disagreement i have with "MAD".

  • anonymous posted at 6:22 pm on Wed, Dec 2, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    to mad,hope, adn who ever else like the others said that young man not boy is a human just like everyone else he has feeling to. The drama that is being said is not any bigger or smaller than any other place around here. If it was you, your kids, family, or anybody what would you have to say. I know this young man as a person not as a animal that is being painted of him. and his family is great people. So lets be real you probly live in clarksdale or any other town in coahoma county so what crime don't happen there? How about the police chief in Clarksdale get found guilty of a crime and get to keep his job what type of mess is that. Police officers get caught with drugs. Our town is good and we are not lazy, whores, drug dealers, users or producers, as you said so don't do us we are label anyway as blacks, and n****s so why put us any lower are u mad cause we aren't thinking about you n Jonestown or what. And the only time we were united was Sept. 11, 2001 when the trade center came down.

  • anonymous posted at 3:06 pm on Wed, Dec 2, 2009.

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  • anonymous posted at 2:36 pm on Wed, Dec 2, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    ay yo "mad" who ever you are, your comment about my guy just goes 2 show how ignorant you are. i guess that's what you picked up from being in this infested town when u were here, who r u 2 judge sombody and what they do by the enviroment they live in, its people like u that give places like JONESTOWN a bad name, I dont work, but I do have my ways of getting my money and it do not involve killing, robbery, burglary, stealing , selling dope or none of that other s#!† you talking about, I feel like if mell didn tell you out of his own mouth he did this or you wasn't there 2 see it happen, you need 2 just mind your bizness, the man is locked up right now because somebody with the same ignorant mind frame you got iz out here calling names, i am from jonestown and be in the streets every day walking and talking with the same innocent folks yall pointing fingers at and maybe you should do the same before you judge, but what i have learned from being in the street of this infested town is people like you are scared of the streets so you choose 2 get the 1st person you think of that have a reputation locked up, dont matter if they are guilty or not. My guy did not commit this crime, and if he did it is not your bizness, so if you just stay where you at and out of jonestown you wont have 2 worry about becoming a victim 2 either of the crimes u spoke up on, this is not a threat but im just saying if this aint happening where you stay at let me know where thats at so i can move there....signing out JONESTOWN'S FAVORITE HOODLUM

  • anonymous posted at 5:44 am on Wed, Dec 2, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    Wow, "Mad", I could not say it any better. You left nothing out!!!! It seems that some people in Jonestown, think nothing about murdering a person and clearly thinks nothing of a person's life.

  • anonymous posted at 2:09 pm on Tue, Dec 1, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    Do not be so quick to anounce fry him. Have you ever stop to think what if it was you in this situation? The man has been convicted in your eyes because you say that people talk. Yes, people do talk and they insuate a lot of things, bad things if a person is not liked. The people who are talking maybe people who are not so fond of this young man. Have you thought about that? However, the things that you are hearing does not mean that what is being said is true. If we believe everything that people put out about us, we will all be in trouble. if you were not there and you did not see what really happen you should not convict a person (but that is just me) My heart goes out to both families. I know that they are both greiving for their love ones. I will be praying for both families and the young man. We as people live our lives the way of the world and not of God, that is the real reason this whole world is infested. We are so quick to turn out backs on each other. We seem to forget that their is a much higher force and we all will be judged. So give your anger over to the lord and let him deal with that burden. God love us all, no matter what our sins are. If he can forgive then why can't we. Learn how to forgive and love and watch what God does. What ever happens with this young man (and I pray a fair judgement and freedom) is not going to change the situation. Please! stop being mad it is not good for your health. I pray for us all.

  • anonymous posted at 1:02 pm on Tue, Dec 1, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    @MAD I am from Jonestown I have a college degree and i work and take care my family. Mississippi Valley State alumniWhen you say you people who are you talking about and when you once lived in this wonderful place what did you do to make it better? Were you one of these robbers, drinkers, drug doers,or whores? The truth is you cant judge a town by the actions of few. Where are you now and are you being a productive citizen or you just sit here all day on your borrowed computer and pick internet fights. GOD bless and watch the deceased man's family and GOD Bless the accused. Also Watch over MAD.....

  • anonymous posted at 5:13 am on Tue, Dec 1, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    "resident of Jonestown" the BOY belittle himself by going over there shooting this man and killing him. He did that on his own. Do not get mad at me, get mad at him. I was talking about Jonestown because there is where the murder took place at, not Clarksdale, Friars Point, or Coahoma. The crime took place in JONESTOWN. This ignorant boy took another persons life. He needs to be punished fully for this insensitive crime. I do not have pity for him nor his family. My heart goes out to the deceased man and his family. You people over there in Jonestown need to get off your lazy behind and get a J-O-B and stop killing, robbing, whoring, drinking, doing drugs, lying, and stop putting your neighbors down. I say Jonestown because I once lived there, and I know what you people do. So if you can't accept the truth, THEN I suggest you pick up your cart and place it on your back and get out of there OR just sit there in the slums and be quite!!!TRUTH-B-TOLD!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous posted at 3:13 am on Tue, Dec 1, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    Have you ever heard innocent until proven guilty. True Jonestown is a small town,and people talk, but that does'nt mean they know what their talking about.I know In my heart my brother did'nt commit this crime. He does'nt have the best record,but ask yourself do your children. So don't listen to everything you here in Jonestown and be so quick to point the finger,and ask your self what happened to the other two young men who were on the scene of the crime? and why are'nt they also behind bars. You an noone else know nothing about my brother except what you here. If you really want to know go talk to him you all know where he is and get the real story.

  • anonymous posted at 4:22 pm on Mon, Nov 30, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    This comment is for the people who have already judged, juried, and convicted this young man of the crime. This young man is innocent until proven guilty. Just because he was arrested for the crime does not mean that he committed the crime. With that being said i leave you with this scripture. Do no judge others or you to will be judged. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye. First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

  • anonymous posted at 1:26 pm on Mon, Nov 30, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    Dear People, you talk viscious words when you don't know the whole story. You get mad about how black people were lynched back in the day without a trial but yet you have the same nature. None of us are without fault. There are many of you who have skeletons whether it be lying, cheating, stealing whatever its all the same. You talk about Jonestown, but Jonestown is just like any other town it has its good and its bad. None of the towns in the area are worse or better than the other. Some people just don't know and they suffer becasue of lack of knowledge. There are well meaning hard working people living in Jonestown who really care and are just trying to live the best they know how. You defame them when you don't even know them. You just jump on the band wagon for anything negative. As for the young man, I've known him all of his life. God knew him even before then and He loves us all, regardless thats all that matters not your mean words and feelings. The young man is not a murderer and he does not deserve to FRY. When you say things like that remember that there are people who love this person, his Mother, Grandmother, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends. I am very sad that the young man lost his life. I prayed that God would spare him, even in it all God knows what He's doing, He's already numbered our days. I pray for his family's strength cause I know what it feels like to lose a young brother, son, father, friend. In the meantime the young man is innocent until proven guilty. Don't let satan use you. Look into your own hearts and see if you are clean enough to judge....only God can and will, watch and see what He will do. One day all of you who have hard, condemning hearts of malice will experience a bad storm in your life and then maybe you will understand. In the meantime I pray that God will have mercy on all of us.

  • anonymous posted at 9:49 am on Mon, Nov 30, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    to mad, i bet you stay in the next town downing jonestown when your town is no better...ok you wasn't there i wasn't there .. people don't know what really happen with that situation so why judge???????? in stead of talking about the next person look down on yourself..

  • anonymous posted at 6:59 am on Mon, Nov 30, 2009.

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  • anonymous posted at 6:29 am on Mon, Nov 30, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    Can any clarity or motive be provided why the suspect had a right to kill the victim? What makes the suspect a good person, if he is charged with murder? Statistically, employment, major responsibilities, meaningful social networks, a moral,religious and value systems are significant deterrents to crime. Committing murders, crimes, don't make for a moral or good person. If giving time with kids and families is all that's done all day long because of lack of employment,.... again, does not add to the quality of being a good person.The situation is what it is......Someone has been murdered. Was the murder the right thing to do, I would say no, as no motive/reason provided, as it does appear that the victim was killed w/o his right to protect himself by shooting back. Readers have a right to their opinions, and this site does not give anyone the authority to tell someone to mind/attend to their own business.......this is a comment section to express your thoughts. Jonestown, like many places is facing the same harsh realities, more crimes, robberies, drugs' addictions of residents, lack/loss of resources, no employable jobs, etc. Jonestown does have many good people, just as any place does, but murdering another person w/o worthy cause does not add value to the town, but certainly does make the town decline and prevents population entry, jobs relocation, etc. No one should honor or uphold someone for killing another person and taking the act itself "so lightly" do so, certainly leaves readers with the conclusion that the town is definitely in moral decline.I am prayerful if everybodyworks together, Jonestown will survive this tragedy.

  • anonymous posted at 4:29 am on Mon, Nov 30, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    All you Country Writing People, need to spell check your comments before you place it to any response to comments made. Talking about each other Little Town and how Dangerous each Town is ? Come On can we all can get Along? All of you are making youself look and sound "RIDICULOUS" I would've hope a lot of you'll would use your Mark A. Walker and Issac Sneed, because "Embarrasing" is telling the Truth about all of you JOKERS. We are One ? United We Stand? Divided We Fall..

  • anonymous posted at 5:48 pm on Sat, Nov 28, 2009.

    anonymous Posts: 0

    Replying to mad: the young man not boy that you are refeering to is a good person. And for people to belittle others is not nice even if he did something wrong. And for you to say he walked the streets, and hung under a tree all day wrong. That young man took quality time out with his kids and family all the time no matter what. So before you label a person find out about a person. And murder, robberys, and crime happen anywhere. Jonestown is the only town in the county that people seem to pick on for no intended reason. Clarksdale is a whole different ball game than Jonestown. So we are not infected and we are great people in Jonestown. So say what you want about us cause we don't care cause one fool like you dosen't stop Jonestowns show.

  • anonymous posted at 5:00 pm on Sat, Nov 28, 2009.

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    As a citizen of Coahoma County, I am saddened that we are having so much killing in the streets. Not only is Jonestown involved, but also Clarksdale, Friars Point, Lyon, etc. It is embarrasing that people from other places read the comments and see what it is like to live here. Two lives are lost - one dead and one will probably be in prison for the rest of his life. As for the previous comments posted, people need to use a dictionary to proofread their comments and see how STUPID they sound. Comments and ebonics make people look so stupid. Use some common sense and use the education that you have (or don't have) to sound like a decent human being instead of some person just trying to spell a word. We in Coahoma County all need to stick together and do what is best for all communities, no matter who is mayor, police chief, sheriff, etc. Mothers and Fathers, help your children out so that they do not face this in their future. Be there for THEM!!!! Let's quit dogging everything and learn to work together. Bring our churches, schools, community leaders and parents together for the good of all.

  • anonymous posted at 5:04 am on Sat, Nov 28, 2009.

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    bb we do not need your cooments cause when you were living in jonestown all you ever done was still all of person money that swipt your behind and made you go to school to better your education so therefore keep your comments to yourself we need to encourage people not discourage pray for everyone this is not a bad town ther were no killing when p. campbell was the major now we has a uneducated major that don't give a hoop about our town the only thing he wants is his money he is DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous posted at 3:54 am on Sat, Nov 28, 2009.

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    It seems that some responders are angry at comments made, and actually everyone has a right to express their opinion, whether anyone agrees or not. Jonestown should not be having a murder at all, unless it's a life and death occurrence, or in self defense. The motive for the murder was not provided in the article, subsequently, some readers are concluding that robbery is the most likely motive, in view of the drug problem so prevalent in the area/county. I agree with "Shelia" that a community or neighborhood watch be started, being careful to rule out potential theives or drug addicts, as the town is infested, from my observations.Law enforcement needs to remove people from standing around on corners/curves/in the street, such a practice should be enforced with a fine or jail time. People need to be either going to work, to the store, school, helping someone rather than just wasting time standing collectively in groups or alone in the sreets. Youth and young adults must be given constructive activities,...go to the recreational center, volunteer. Hope is still available for Jonestown but people must mobilize to save the town, and its generations of people must want the same.

  • anonymous posted at 6:09 am on Fri, Nov 27, 2009.

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    clarksdale have murders every blue moon frais point have murders and shoot out after every club. But jonestown had one murders in like some years and now it a bad place. The town of jonestown is not that bad because if u stay in clarksdale u mite get shot so worry about clarksdale not jonestown

  • anonymous posted at 1:41 am on Wed, Nov 25, 2009.

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    First of all my family will be praying for the Victory family. I'm so sorry this young mans life was taken so early. I suggest EVERYONE in Jonestown start a community watch,turn the drug dealers in, or if you know that someone committed a crime, any crime, turn them in. You don't have to give your name if your scared. But someone has to start somewhere or your town will just get worse. Think about your kids,grandkids and so on. Is this what you want them growing up in? Because it doesn't get better without someone standing up and the police can only do so much.

  • anonymous posted at 11:09 am on Tue, Nov 24, 2009.

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    To all of you like I said once before we aint had a murder in jonestown in about six years so stop talkin cuz once again yall clueless on what yall talking about .

  • anonymous posted at 6:12 pm on Mon, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Anonomous, you need to go back to school and learn how to read and write.SO SAD!

  • anonymous posted at 3:29 pm on Mon, Nov 23, 2009.

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    The truly sad thing about this murder is that two people died that unfortunate and sinful day. You see, when ever you kill someone, you just don't end their lives, but you also end what ever lives that are relative and associated with that person(s). And so, when this young man's life ended, the soul of the killer also ended. Because the taking of a life is the same as murder of a whole human race, including your own. Trust me, it is. When God commanded that we not kill unjustly, which is what murdering is; this is so that the fault of man would not bleed on into the lives of others. When people "choose" to commit crimes and other offenses, it is usually because they are empty on the inside and have a total disregard of others and the surrounding community. What makes anyone think that their lives can not, or will not be taken, when the one who's choosing to commit the crime does not have respect or passion for their own lives? Yet, even in this dreadful moment, there is still a chance for repentance. For to repent means to change and not to pardon. To pardon means forgiveness. But how can one be forgiven, if they are unwilling to change?

  • anonymous posted at 10:39 am on Mon, Nov 23, 2009.

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    To MAD you really need to mind your own business cuz you wasnt there so you dont no what happen. As for infested only thing that is infested is you.My heart goes out to the family and I am sorry that this happen to you but Jonestown aint got nothin to do wit that.And yes dear I am a resident of Jonestown also.

  • anonymous posted at 9:42 am on Mon, Nov 23, 2009.

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    This murder does put the town in a state of moral decline, which I believe is perhaps what "Mad" is referencing. The town is already in need of an aesthetic overhaul, due to the socioeconomic status of residents. Thusly, with poverty and economic devastation on the rise, crime rates typically increases. Sociopathetic behaviors slowly emerges when a town/city lack resources to control criminal elements......people taking over the law or engaging in criminal behavior because current law and order barely protects its public. To add, people don't care about their neighbors anymore. I don't know the facts at all in this situation, but if these two men knew each other and had come upon a disagreeement over an issue, then if could not be resolved by a sensible conversation, then either going to court if such was needed, or getting a mediator would have been better than just blatantly killing someone.Also, may I suggest not to add to the town's decline by not presenting or responding in an intellectual manner. People represent their environments, surroundings, communities, and use of ebonic dialet makes for social and intellectual decline, which certainly is not the norm for the area, as there are many educational opportunities in Coahoma County affording everyone the education needed to speak intellectually with class, dignity and culture. I am not trying to create anger here, however, refraining from the broken use of words would break behaviors when one really needs to speak intelligently, especially for employment. I know, as I had a relative who was almost put in a remedial reading class because of use of broken words while living in Jonestown. I fought to keep the child out of the class, and to remain with other children, arguing that the environment and parental dialogue contributed to such speaking, which speaking was finally corrected.

  • anonymous posted at 9:29 am on Mon, Nov 23, 2009.

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    "anonomous" Jonestown isn't that big! people talk. Everyone know that this young boy killed this innocent hard working man. This town IS thru..why? because the people are thru. It IS sad that you can't make an honest living and then have some one to take it all from you at a blink of an eye. These people are doing drugs and knowing that they can not provide their habits, but instead they want some one else to pay for it by not ONLY robbing them, BUT killing them as well. This is sicking and it angers me at the same time, because you have jerks like this young boy with the gun who doesn't want to work, but just walk the streets all day or stand under some tree and plot who their next victim are going to be. They need to throw these people under jail. I am not judging at all, I am giving my true comment on this sensely crime. I mean what I say. TRUTH BE TOLD!!!!!! FRY HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous posted at 6:58 am on Mon, Nov 23, 2009.

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    As citizens you have allowed Jonestown to become what it is. You rise to the ocasion when death occcurs and only for a short time. Where have you been while you watched your community fall apart. What Jonestown has become has been in the making for years, and you stood by and watched and you continue to standby and watch. You do not challenge the police department, as parents you do not challenge your children. They are Jonestown, and your children are creating the problems that Jonestown has and will have. The police departent is not responsible for making your children decent men and women you are.Look in the mirror and see as parents do you have some responsibility for the problems of Jonestown.And if you don't look at your children.They are a product of the enviornment they are raised in, and with this thought you should look again in the mirror and see if your childrens enviornment is a part of what Jonestown has become.If you choose to continue to not ask the question, when it becomes your child turn to be a headline the look in the mirror will be of no value. And it will be your turn to throw dirt on the box of you child. The question of why will not be Important.

  • anonymous posted at 1:01 am on Mon, Nov 23, 2009.

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  • anonymous posted at 3:07 pm on Sun, Nov 22, 2009.

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    There is nothing wrong with Jonestown that a WMD would fix.

  • anonymous posted at 10:29 am on Sat, Nov 21, 2009.

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    I feel so sad for the Victory family, they just lost a love one to death, now another one to a crime I really don't believe he committed.

  • anonymous posted at 2:23 am on Sat, Nov 21, 2009.

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    What? A murder in Jonestown? For what? I am glad the suspect was captured and my condolences to the victim's family. I was concerned about C'dale being too violent, and now my hometown is headed in the same pathway. Leaders got to get the guns off the streets and start mentoring the youth and yound adults to use other means to manage conflict and anger. This crime is a new challenge for leaders in Jonestown and the county. Loose guns can accidentally kill innocent victims and destroy lives of offenders for insignificant crimes. Here is a new project for Chief Jones, FBI,and other related crime fighter's groups.

  • anonymous posted at 12:18 pm on Fri, Nov 20, 2009.

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    thats so wrong that people can't leave out there home; without other people being something dumb.

  • anonymous posted at 10:13 am on Fri, Nov 20, 2009.

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    this is so sad. they need to put locks on this infested town on evry angle. this town is so through. they need to just.....uuhhhh! this sicking me. people rather rob and kill there neighbor instead of geeting off there lazy @@@ and get a job!!! FRY HIM!