DELMA FURNISS: “My Home Mississippi”


Dear Editor,

The State of Mississippi presently has one officially recognized state song entitled Go Mississippi by Houston Davis.

While the song Go Mississippi is a great song for special occasions and specific events, it is not a song with lyrics melody that lend themselves for Mississippians to sing in informal gatherings and by Mississippians individually as they go about their daily lives.

Many years ago I wrote and set music to My Home Mississippi so our citizens would have another choice to choose from when singing our Official State Song. We would then have two official state songs to choose from to sing at any time: My Home Mississippi or Go, Mississippi.

My song, My Home Mississippi is a song that instills pride and joy in the hearts of every Mississippian. It is a song with lyrics and melody that will be suitable for all occasions – for schools, churches, picnics, reunions, civic organizations, social events and all other gatherings, formal or informal.

It is also a special song with easy-singing music that individual Mississippians can sing and hum as they go about their daily activities.

The words to My Home Mississippi are set to that modified music of a 19th century American folk song. The original folk song is the same music to which the words of the song Battle Hymn of the Republic – or Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory – are also set. This original music is in the public domain.

We can start singing it immediately as soon as the Mississippi Legislature adopts/passes one of the bills currently before it to authorize it to happen. I hope it happens very soon!

Delma Furniss,

Clarksdale, Miss.


Willie D. Peace, 77, of Chicago, Ill., died at his residence March 17, 2020.


Willie D. Peace, 77, of Chicago, Ill., died at his residence March 17, 2020.