EDITORIAL: Nursing Home Heroes


This newspaper is hesitant to casually hang the moniker of hero on anyone and very careful about putting it on something as broad and impersonal as a field of employment. There are people who do their job poorly in all professions.

But when a particular occupation or vocation in our community performs at a high level we think that deserves note.

That is why we want to recognize the men and women who work at local nursing homes at heroes who have gone above and beyond.

As Long Term Care (LTC) facilities see COVID-19 race through their businesses across this state, we are proud to report there has not been a case of coronavirus in any nursing home in our community.

And let us point out that zero number also means no employee at these facilities has contracted the disease.

This newspaper has said repeatedly that trying to protect everyone from this pandemic may not be the right approach.

We hope our government officials, local, state and federal will learn the phrase reverse quarantine.

Rather than quarantine people after they get sick, it seems the right approach might be to strictly quarantine those at higher risk of dying from the disease before they get sick. Protecting the most vulnerable is a role of government.

But let's get back to our point.

It is apparent the staff and administrators at Clarksdale and Coahoma County nursing homes have excelled at their craft of caring for the elderly.

They have accepted the burden of new and strict ways of protecting and keeping our loved ones safe. They have done their part to stay healthy and safe with their mind focused always on those they love and tend to.

They have excelled in their duty to others.

We are proud to say their heroic effort has saved lives in Coahoma County.


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