EDITORIAL: Stolen Senior Season


Your Clarksdale Press Register feels one of the saddest stories to come out the coronavirus panic has been what it is doing to our children, specifically their education and how it will affect their future.

We’re not talking about missing out on spring softball or even graduation ceremonies and closing 12-years or hard work.

We’re concerned about a group of young people who are not prepared for the next step.

Think back to your senior year. A lot of things changed those last six months in school. A lot of maturity set in as you began to ponder the next step in your life.

For some that is college, for others it is a career. That dream, plan and progress for the Class of 2020 was put on hold by the moves of state, federal and local government reacting to a situation they basically didn’t know a lot about and had definitely never planned for.

Statistics provided by the state show that no one under the age of 18 has died from coronavirus in the State of Mississippi as of yesterday.

Statistics from a recent study of graduating high school seniors in Chicago indicates 67-percent now feel they might not be prepared academically for college.

Those planning to enter the workforce face the challenge of finding work in an increasingly tight job market.

Statistics also show that once a young person gets on state and federal assistance, they are 20-percent less likely to come off it in the next five years.

This newspaper couldn’t find hard facts about an increase in crime, physical health, and mental health, but we have to believe they are out there and they are very real.

We will fault no one the first time around but we hope our leaders watch carefully.  

There is a saying that hindsight is 20-20 and we think it is fitting for the Class of 2020 and government officials to remember that.


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