EDITORIAL: Welcoming Back Tourist


Something was missing from Clarksdale this Spring.

Tourist from all over this great nation and the world were not walking our streets, in our restaurants and joints, shopping in our stores and sleeping in our hotels, motels and bed-and-breakfast inns.

And we missed them.

With good reason this community cancelled the Juke Joint Festival -- a major spring money-maker for Clarksdale -- and other events, too. Most motels had a few construction workers in their beds. Most mom-and-pops simply closed up shop and hunkered down.

This community took a hit with the shutdown and the numbers prove it. Clarksdale’s sales tax disbursement was down more than $14,500 or 6.6-percent less than the same time last year.

But some stayed busy and some dreamed and worked for a better day in Clarksdale.

We hope you read the story on Page One of your Clarksdale Press Register today. The Mighty Roots Music Festival is slated for this fall and as with all start-ups, we’ll see what it becomes.

But the point this paper wants to press home is things will and are getting better around here.

PeopleShores landed 70 new jobs just last week. We have three other industries in this community who are looking for labor and offering good paying jobs. Spring planting is upon us. 

And Clarksdale is still the unequivocal Home of the Blues. No virus, economic crisis or natural disaster will ever change that.

And being a unique size and rural place on the map, we also offer the ideal venue for a quick summer trip for folks from around Mississippi and the country.

Does anyone really want to go to New York, Nashville or New Orleans right now?

So, let’s roll out the red carpet, let’s turn on the Southern hospitality. Let’s make a few wise decisions and open the doors to sunny days and visitors looking for that laid-back attitude that is a true Southern Summer.

Let’s welcome back tourist to our town.



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