EDITORIAL: Winning Ways



The Boys and Girls Basketball Teams from Coahoma County have made us very proud this week.

Your Red Panther Boys Basketball Team claimed the 2A State Championship with a win over Potts Camp.

Our Red Pantherettes Girls Basketball Team made it to the State Championship game, too, but fell short in the final quarter to Calhoun City. But your Clarksdale Press Register still considers you winners.

It’s easy to talk win/loss records and spectacular plays but we want to talk about the things Coahoma Coach Derrick Moore said after this weekend’s games at Oxford.

“Devotion,” said Moore when asked about the play of both the girls and boys team. “They don’t have a Christmas break. They don’t have a Thanksgiving break. They don’t have June. They don’t have a break. It’s work all the time. They stay committed.”

Those are big words and big ideas from a coach who has made our kids winners.

Basketball is probably the most athletic game our kids play. Our coaches take boys and girls in the eighth grade and four years later sees them grow into big, strong men and women who can grab the world by the tail.

In a day and age when men are pounded to be something other than men, it is refreshing to see Coahoma coaches, school district and this community, get behind a program that trains boys to be men.

In a day and age when girls face so many things that keep them from being women, it is stirring that coaches teach their players to be devoted to something.

We want to thank the coaches for bringing our team to this level of excellence. We know you will never forget this special group.

We want to thank the fans for filling the stands this winter. You supported the home team win, lose or draw. You conducted yourselves in a courteous fashion and, despite some questionable calls, did not bring shame on your team, school or community.

Last, we want to thank the players who gave their blood, sweat and tears to play this game we call basketball. You played in a State Championship game because – well, you are champions.

You brought honor and glory to your team, your school, your community and yourselves. You proved to the world what it means to be a Panther.

Thank you Coahoma County Panthers for making us winners.