FLOYD INGRAM: I am not the Facebook Police


If you will look in the bottom left corner of this page, you’ll see the name and assignment of everyone who works at your Clarksdale Press Register.

Mine is Editor and Publisher.

While the Publisher’s job pays better, I relish the Editor’s post.

Weaving a story in this space, crafting an editorial on this page and carefully choosing the quotes, facts and words used on the other pages of your Clarksdale Press Register is my calling in life.

Words are the tools of my trade. I use them judiciously.

And I can easily quote scripture that says the man who can bridle his tongue has the discipline to control more important parts of his life.

Soap for my sin

I have had my mouth washed out several times by my mother.

How many of you remember that vile pink dishwashing soap of the 1960s? How about granulated soap that my blue-collar Dad used to wash his greasy hands? I will not buy a bar of yellow Dial soap to this very day!

Yes, there are some vivid childhood memories you just never forget.

And this woman who loved me first also did it to my two brothers. She has even washed out the mouths of my four boys; her cherished grandchildren.

Each one of those events reinforced how very important it is for me to guard my tongue.

So with all that said about my life and Ingram morals, let me say I am not the Facebook Police.

My job is watching the words that go in your Clarksdale Press Register.

I recently had our Mayor chide me and try to get me to go after another media outlet for what he said were negative internet stories about Clarksdale.

I politely told him I was responsible for your Clarksdale Press Register. I also told him I have a fulltime job that keeps me very busy bringing you a fair and balanced newspaper each week and editing what is on the radio, TV or in print somewhere else is not part of my job description.

You see I am a big believer in the First Amendment. I am also a big believer in personal freedom.

And last but not least I believe that biased, slanted and hate-filled articles and posts are read and believed by biased, slanted and hate-filled people.


Cut to the chase

Rude, stupid and hateful words that shame us all have been spouted on Facebook by people from Clarksdale recently.

I know this may come as a shock to some, but it happens every day and in all segments and neighborhoods of this good city.

So if you are going to claim the title of Facebook Police around here, please enforce the rules fairly for all.


Words have power


You won’t find the “N” word, “MF” or “GD” in this newspaper or on any of my posts on Facebook.

I don’t use those words in private. I don’t use them in public.

I do wish someone with authority would stop everyone from using those words. I hear them from people walking by my office window downtown. I hear them blasting out of car radios. I hear them in the restaurants, stores and public places all over Clarksdale.

Maybe I should start carrying a bar of soap in my pocket? Maybe the Mayor and President of the Board of Supervisors should start carrying a bar of soap in their pockets? Maybe I should just turn my 86-year-old mother loose on this town and let her clean it up!


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