FLOYD INGRAM: Let’s look on down the road



You hold in your hand the solution to the nations’ toilet paper shortage.

No, you Delta clodhoppers, I mean the news and information that allows you to make wise and informed decisions about your life.

Your Clarksdale Press Register has been that source of facts and figures in times of chaos in the past. Floods, downtown fires, tornados and failed crops and banks have all made headlines in this paper.

I sometimes think those of us from a younger generation forget how this town, state and nation have endured incredible hardship in the past and emerged the better for it.

Oh, and a 16-page paper will probably last a family of two about a week.

Copies of the Clarksdale Press Register can be purchased for $1 at a news stand near you!

I’ll not stop laughing

I hope you chuckled when your read my introduction.

I guess I should be a little more serious when a global pandemic is sweeping our country.

Please remember we have despite eight cases in the county, no one has died in our community.

Please remember we have reported 249 cases as of Monday morning in a state of 2.987 million people and I ask you to do the numbers.

Please remember it will probably get worse before it gets better.

But please, please, please don’t stop laughing and enjoying life.

Besides, if it’s going to kill us all, we don’t have much time to live.

A few takeaways

Get the facts: My son texted me from Austin, Texas on Monday that Trump has imposed a 15-day lockdown. I told him to go to reliable news sources and get the facts. It seems San Francisco and New York have imposed lockdowns. There have been lockdowns in Europe and Asia. As of Wednesday, that has not happened nationwide in the Land of the Free.

Toilet paper turmoil: Why has there been a run on toilet paper? It is not a dire necessity like food or water. You can’t eat it, it’s not good fuel for a fire and it takes a lot to wrap up in and stay warm at night. So why has it disappeared from the shelves? Americans typically do not do without anything. Maybe the fear is not coronavirus, but rather having to do without.

Law and order: What is the penalty for not following the bans and quarantines imposed by the state? Four lawyers I have talked with could not give me a good answer and smiled and pointed out that will be determined by the courts. Sheriff Charles Jones said he and any law enforcement officer can ask people to comply and failure to do so can lead to arrest for disorderly conduct or worse.

Now more than ever, be polite, be civil and be a good neighbor.

Non-essential personnel: I have read Washington is telling non-essential personnel not to come to work. We have had both city and county officials say the same thing.

Do you know the difference between the private sector and government? The private sector does not have non-essential personnel.

Buy something from somebody: Waiters and people who live on tips are the ones hurting the most. The Check will continue to come for deadbeats. Government salaries are in the budget and will continue to be paid. But that man or woman who counts on your business for a living will be hurt most by this scare.

Church: Do I go to church or not? I’m going. I have since nine-months before I was born. I have since I came to Clarksdale. I’m looking for a church that fears God and nothing else.

I went to church Sunday and the pastor preached on Daniel in the lions’ den. We prayed for God to shut “The Lion’s Mouth.” I left realizing I am not immune to the things of this world, but I do have faith, hope and love to help me through.

Floyd Ingram is the Editor of your Clarksdale Press Register. Please don’t bring disease, sickness or a bad attitude to his office. Call him at 662-627-2201.




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Dorothy Mae Stevenson, 83, of Clarksdale died Sunday, May 31, 2020 at her home.


Dorothy Mae Stevenson, 83, of Clarksdale died Sunday, May 31, 2020 at her home.