Floyd Ingram: A Quick Look Around Town


I wrote my first non-coronavirus column last week and the community called to thank me.

I got three calls on Thursday thanking me for talking about marriage, getting married and staying married.

Sometimes you have to smile at serious subjects to hammer home a point.

And it seems folks are now ready to just move on with their lives.

Thanks for calling. More importantly, thanks for reading.

The Re-Opening

If your restaurant is open the Ingrams will soon be sitting down at one of your tables.

I like to eat out. And I don’t mean fast food.

There is no better joy than to relax and have a meal with family and friends. I also find eating out helps me take the pulse of the economy in any community. Are the people around you tourist, locals or maybe even people you know.

This week I ate breakfast in a room full of folks. Sara and I slipped into a State Street restaurant one evening and now have our eye on several of our favorite downtown spots, waiting for them to reopen.

Yes, COVID-19 is still out there and there is a new normal to dining out. But open the door and let us in.

It’s time we got over this disease.

Social unrest

So some parts of the country went from shutdown to massive public gatherings and riots.

America! You’ve got to love her. If you don’t like the way things are going, just hold on, She will change.

Seriously, I have to believe most of the folks who live in Seattle, Atlanta, New York and Minneapolis are just avoiding certain areas and going about their lives. Americans have always been more resilient than the rest of the world thinks.

And just 10 short days ago there was a lot of talk in Clarksdale about change, the need for change and even five points of change.

I hope those who worked so hard to grab the microphone and march in our streets will spend as much effort bringing their cause to fruition.

Time to play

Where are you going on your summer vacation?

I would love to think most of America might choose Clarksdale this summer.

Restaurants, shopping, music and good clean fun abound in this Delta town.

Here’s an idea.

Why don’t you invite your kinfolk to your house this summer?

You don’t have to wear masks and social distance on the patio or front porch. Once the Sun goes down you can don your mask and slip off for a bite of catfish, barbecue and a tall glass of something cold.

Afternoons can be spent in our downtown shops.

Let’s have some fun this summer.

News you can use

I hope you have enjoyed your Clarksdale Press Register during the shutdown.

Josh Troy and I have not missed a school board meeting, city commissioner’s court or a county board meeting over the past three months. We rarely do.

We hope you have stayed abreast of what local government is doing and what is going on in your community.

Yes, there will be a new normal, but the ways of your Clarksdale Press Register stay pretty much the same.

Floyd Ingram in the Editor of your Clarksdale Press Register. He asks you shop or eat at a local business and tell them The Newspaper sent you.


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