Speeder beware!



This may be the only warning you get.

The Clarksdale Police Department will soon put a speed trailer on the streets of Clarkdale that radar-checks a vehicles speed and then posts it for the approaching motorist to see.

“Speeding is a safety issue and one we take seriously,” said Clarksdale Police Chief Sandra Williams. “This will just be another tool for our department to use to try to slow down motorists and make the streets of Clarksdale safer.”

The white cart will be placed on city streets this week. Typically police station themselves down from the cart and can and do write tickets for violators.

“People don’t always realize Clarksdale police can run radar and do write tickets for those caught speeding,” said Williams. “We hope people will just be aware of speed limits, obey them and drive safely.”

Williams said the city routinely gets complaints from neighborhoods across Clarksdale about speeding.

“As you may be aware, the police department receives numerous of complaints on speeding motorists throughout the city, the trailer will be moved to various locations where we receive the majority of complaints in an attempt to slow down the traffic,” said Williams. “The collected data may be used to identify the most dangerous traffic times when more enforcement is needed.

“We only have one cart right now, but we think it will be effective and we’ll see about purchasing more,” said Williams. “Speeding in neighborhood, especially neighborhoods with children, will not be tolerated.”

Williams said the speed limit on all residential streets is 30 miles per hour unless posted otherwise.

“We’ve all been driving and had the number pop up on one of these carts and looked down and realized we were going much faster than we thought,” said Williams. “Ask anyone in law enforcement and they will tell you speeding is the Number One factor in most automobile accidents.”

Speeding tickets in Clarksdale run between $150 and $300, depending on how much the driver exceeded the speed limit. All fines collected from those found guilty of speeding go into Clarksdale’s General Fund. State law does not allow them to go to law enforcement budgets.


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Billy John Byrd was born November 14, 1965 in Water Valley, Ms. to I.V.


Billy John Byrd was born November 14, 1965 in Water Valley, Ms. to I.V.