Bust Quincy Avenue

Authorities bust Quincy Avenue house


It was a rude wakeup call for a Quincy Avenue resident who found officers in his room Tuesday morning.

“We executed a high risk search warrant at 431 Quincy Avenue this morning,” said Leon Williams Chief Deputy of Investigations for the Coahoma County Sheriff’s Department. “We found the subject we wanted in bed with a gun. We also found a substantial amount of what we believe to be a controlled substance.”

Williams said the occupant was arrested without incident and no officers were injured.

“We were pleased with this and caught him sleeping,” said Williams. “We’re going to stay after these guys until they get the message that illegal drugs will not be tolerated in this community.”

The bust was part of a joint operation by the Coahoma County Sheriff’s Department and the Clarksdale Police Department.

Williams said Tuesday’s arrest was part of a six-month investigation into drug activity in that neighborhood.

“We got a complaint and we started looking,” said Williams. “After we put together our investigation and felt the time was right, we executed a search warrant.

“Sometimes it takes a while, but this one did result in an arrest and seizure of drugs and a weapon,” said Williams. “We want to thank neighbors for being patient and helping us get this started. This neighborhood is tired of drug activity and they did something about it.”

Lincoln Avenue bust

The Clarksdale Police Department and Coahoma County Sheriff’s Department teamed up on a drug raid Monday that saw illegal drugs and a weapon seized, but no arrest.

“We got inside and recovered a weapon and narcotics but we didn’t find who we are looking for,” said Clarksdale Assistant Chief Fernando Harris. “We know them and they know we’re looking for them. It’s only a matter of time before we pick them up.”

Harris said a search warrant was executed at 421 Lincoln Monday and the bust went smoothly.

“Things went as planned and no one was hurt,” said Harris. “Drug dealers in Clarksdale know we are after them and these kinds of operations will not stop.”

Anyone with information on these cases or any felony crime in the community is asked to call 911, the Clarksdale Police Department at 662-621-8156 or the Coahoma County Sheriff’s Department at 662-624-2411. All calls are confidential and can be made anonymously.



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