Clarksdale Collegiate scholars advance to Regional Reading Fair



Scholars from K-3rd competed on Friday, Jan. 17, in Clarksdale Collegiate’s annual Reading Fair with students asked to share their favorite story – and read it.

“The purpose of the competition is to provide students in grades PreK-12 the opportunity to share their favorite fictional, nonfiction narrative, or informational book through a storyboard or digital media display,” said Amanda Johnson, Executive Director of the Clarksdale Collegiate Public Charter School. “With the implementation of the Mississippi College-and Career-Readiness Standards (MS CCRS) for English Language Arts, World Languages, Visual Arts, and Early Childhood, an emphasis has been placed on student mastery of the skills and concepts necessary to read complex texts at each grade level, write texts using evidence, and create presentations that demonstrate imagination and effective use of various materials to express idea.”.

This year’s winners were:

• Casey Lewis, Jr. (Class of 2032) in the PreK-K Family Division.

• Charlie Hudson, III (Class of 2031) in the Grades 1-2 Family Division.

• Makayla Johnson (Class of 2029) in the Grade 3 Individual Division.

• Ari’elle Winters (Class of 2030) and Ashanti Winters (Class of 2029) in the Grade 3 Family Division.

“We’d like to thank all of our participants for working so hard in preparation for the competition,” said Johnson. “The winners from the school fair will advance to the top-level competition which is the Regional Reading Fair at Delta State University in February.”

For more information about Clarksdale Collegiate Public Charter School, please contact Johnson at or 662-351-0106.