EDITORIAL: Come and see your future



A community needs to gather when good things happen.

Clarksdale has seen its share of floods, tornadoes and other adverse events, and your Clarksdale Press Register has reported on how this community turned out to help those in their time of need. Strong backs and minds – along with donations and dollars – helped get the community back on its feet. A comforting arm around the shoulders of those who lost so much probably meant even more.

Clarksdale needs a similar showing of community support when exceptional and positive events happen in our community, too.

One of those positive community events will happen this week.

PeopleShores will make a business announcement Friday that will go a long way toward establishing this town as the site for future, high-tech computer and robotic development for Mississippi and even the southeastern portion of this great nation.

The good folk at PeopleShores will open their business and their hearts to Clarksdale on Friday. They will provide the perfect opportunity for local folk to peek into the Mississippi Delta’s answer to Silicon Valley.

You will get to see the future of a very high-tech field that already provides about 200 jobs in this town. You will see the desks and computers where these employees – your friends and neighbor – work. You will get a glimpse of a world of opportunity many feel is foreign to Mississippi. You will get a glimpse of a firm that can keep our best and brightest computer whiz kids in this state.

And as with all true Southern socials, there will be a meal and a chance to break bread with people you have known all your life and those who have just moved to town.

This is a big opportunity for this community to show what Delta hospitality is all about.

This is also big news. Details of this event will be published in next week’s Clarksdale Press Register.

But this week you need to come be a part of something big that is going on in Clarksdale.

The big news starts about 10 a.m. Friday at the PeopleShores offices at 1540 DeSoto Avenue.

Come and see for yourself what the future of Clarksdale can be.


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