EDITORIAL: Spring Cleaning



Spring is here and we have all gotten that primordial urge to clean, dig and plant.

Women have conducted Spring cleaning in this community since pioneer days when their ancestors heralded the first warm weather as a sign to wash, sweep and clear the house of winter’s dinginess. Guys know the drill – they are sent outside to rake, bag and haul off trash that has accumulated over the past five months.

Neighbors will greet neighbors and people will wave to passing cars as they clear the flower bed and tidy up the front yard.

And with the community reeling from a nasty storm and stir crazy from three weeks of shelter-in-place, this will be the perfect weekend for Clarksdale to get out and get our house in order.

We think it’s easy for residential areas to get in the spring cleaning mood.

It is our wish for the commercial and industrial areas of our community to catch the same spirit.

Families who take pride in their home show it and that pride returns to them in the form of higher property values, less crime and the respect of living in a well-kept neighborhood.

Those same returns await our commercial and industrial neighbors who “tidy up the front yard.”

This town has a definite need to urge property owners to clean up the main streets leading into our community. They may seem fine and normal to those who have looked at them for years, but they leave a poor impression on those driving in for the first time. And we are talking more about curb appeal rather than just litter.

Our schools work hard to instill pride and higher self-esteem in our students. Our economic development leaders strive to put their best foot forward every day that dawns.

We want to remind local businesses that every store in this town has a stake in the appearance of this community. Now is the time for run-down and vacant property downtown and on the highway to spruce up, wash your windows and slap on a coat of paint.

Yes, times are tough. But the sun will shine this weekend, the tourist will come back this summer and Clarksdale needs to get ready for better days.

Take a little pride in your town. The rewards will make us all smile and be proud to call this place home.