FLOYD INGRAM: Ready, Aim, Fireworks!


This nation was shaped by gunpowder.

That daring American spirit that fostered this country’s independence is the same one that prompts most of us to own a firearm and shoot fireworks.

Shooting fireworks inside the city limits on July 4 is the only form of civil disobedience tolerated at the Ingram household and to a certain extent it is endorsed.

Where would we be if our forefathers had been unwilling to break a few rules 244 years ago in Philadelphia?

And in the newspaper business we have a character on our keyboard that we call a bullet.

It looks like this:

It takes its name from the fact it looks like a bullet hole shot into a sheet of paper.

With Independence Day in full swing, pardon me if I exercise my Constitutional right and fire a few off!

•  •  •

I was taught in journalism classes at Moo U that Opinion Pages were to be black and white, factual and truthful, frank and courageous.

So how do you like the Editorial Cartoon at the top of the page? We thought it fit nicely this week.

Please read the quote by Thomas Jefferson. Did you know he died on July 4, 1826?

I like the Flags in downtown Clarksdale.

Those of you who have lived here a while may just consider it a regular feature that lost its newness many years ago. I think it says a lot about our town. I certainly feel it says a lot about our town and country to those who visit us from across the globe.

We had people call and comment on my column last week saying it was time for Mississippi to change its flag. Some were for it and some were against it.

I never cease to be amazed at politics. After years of dragging their feet, the fine folks we send to Jackson finally decided it was time to change. Can you believe how fast it happened?

Now we head toward designing a new flag.

I personally like the Magnolia Flag. I first saw it in my 8th grade Mississippi History book many moons ago. I liked it then. I like it now.

Let’s see what kind of new design the Flag Commission dreams up for us to vote on in November.

With all the gun violence we have seen in Clarkdale over the past few weeks, I want to remind people not to shoot firearms in the air this weekend.

With freedom comes responsibility.

Shooting a gun in the air doesn’t show how powerful you are, just how stupid.

We get anonymous letters all the time. The political season usually has a few in our mailbox wanting us to “expose” this or that candidate. Let me explain something right now: My name goes on every article I write and I expect no less from some malcontent who wants me to do their dirty work.

Please read the Editorial just to the left titled “Lines of Liberty. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

•  •  •

I was raised in a military family. Patriotism and respect for our flag and country were not taught; it was modeled in front of me every day.

I hope when you take a bite of barbecued chicken this weekend, dig into that potato salad or enjoy a nice cool refreshment, you will pause for a moment and remember those serving our country.

Right now there is someone from our community maintaining an aircraft, sailing on a ship or standing guard duty far away from home.

I’ve always felt the military was one of the most equalizing institutions in our country. I’ve always also felt Americans truly want to share our wealth and security with the world and make it better.

And while all Americans may not agree on how to do that, I think we can still agree on one thing: After all this nation has been through over the past six months, we are still the greatest country on Earth!

Floyd Ingram is the Editor of your Clarksdale Press Register and will listen to your Constitutional concerns any day of the week, but especially on July 4. He can be reached 24/7 at 662-624-1012.



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