FLOYD INGRAM: What does Automation Anywhere do?


It’s simple.

They make work go faster.

They free people up to do other things.

They provide Clarksdale residents with a decent job.

They are part of a unique and dynamic tech revolution going on in our community that few people understand.

Oh, and they build this computer program thingy that they put in your computer that lets us do all of the above.

Creative computers

Folks, it will take someone much smarter than yours truly to accurately explain what Automation Anywhere actually does through PeopleShores and Horne CPA.

But if you only read one line in our story on Page One today, find this one:

“We had a payroll process that took one person four hours a month to enter and complete. It is now done in 10-seconds.”

That’s from a very satisfied businessman who was talking about what Automation Anywhere did for him.

And they can do it for you.

Imagine a world where you can touch a button and data collected from a thousand sources is automatically sorted and arranged on a spread sheet or printed into a document and sent to thousands of customers.

Imagine a world where you punch a button and your computer starts a process in a warehouse where tons of merchandise roll down a conveyor belt, all neatly addressed and onto the proper truck headed to the right spot. That same program then sends the customer an electronic message saying the shipment is on the way. It also sends a bill.

Imagine a world where doctors and nurses spend more time asking how you feel rather than filling out forms at the nurses’ station.

Imagine a computer that after you do a repetitive process a few times, starts doing it by itself.

Well, that world is here.

And the neatest thing about what Automation Anywhere and PeopleShores do, is they do it in Clarksdale with friends and neighbors and people you see around town every day.

Big changes on the way

I don’t want to embarrass anyone but there were three billionaires in Clarksdale this past weekend.

Prior to the Civil War Coahoma County was the richest county in Mississippi and one of the richest in the nation. But times do change.

I repeatedly hear people talk about what Downtown Clarksdale used to be, what this community used to have and how life was somehow better years ago.

I came to Clarkdale late last spring and have seen five (count them five) major economic development announcements since that time.

Nowhere in Mississippi, and probably in no town our size in the Southeast, can they boast about that kind of industrial development record.

Our world is changing rapidly and Mississippi has not always been open to change.

I hope people realize a community and a couple of companies are rapidly bringing change to Clarksdale.

I’m one of those who believe our best days are ahead of us.

Let’s live, love, learn

There were more than 300 people at Friday’s announcement at PeopleShores. It literally was standing room only.

Some in Clarksdale have realized we are the Delta’s Rising Start and real change has started here.

Jobs – good jobs – are so critical to a community. PeopleShores, Image Industries, MAP Easton, SafTCart and now Automation Anywhere have staked their future on a flourishing Clarksdale and are providing jobs that are buying groceries, clothes, cars and houses.

I hope our leaders, our rank-and-file and even the lowest in our community realize better days are ahead.

So what does Automation Anywhere do? They make our town a better place to live, love and learn about life.

Floyd Ingram is the Editor of your Clarksdale Press Register. He is the eternal optimist and proud to call Clarksdale home. Call him at 662-627-2201 and explain to him what Automation Anywhere does and exactly what you do in Clarksdale.


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Dorothy Mae Stevenson, 83, of Clarksdale died Sunday, May 31, 2020 at her home.


Dorothy Mae Stevenson, 83, of Clarksdale died Sunday, May 31, 2020 at her home.