GUSSIE FARRIS: Let us pick a new Flag



Dear Editor,

This is the second letter I have written to the Clarksdale Press Register about our state flag. You guys published one that I wrote , when we had a vote about changing the flag here in Mississippi.

I wrote then asking that people vote to change the flag. I don’t remember everything I said, but I do remember saying that I could not support anything that might hurt my black school children.  That I could not look my children in the eye, if I supported something that might hurt them. One thing anybody knows, is that Miss Gussie loves her babies. My husband, Coach Farris, was in full agreement with my letter.

I am again asking that people push for changing the flag. But this time, I am getting real. My husband and I are retired and I really don’t give a fig what anybody thinks. As long as I am good with the Lord, let ‘er rip. (Truth in advertising, I am worse than a Democrat or Republican, I am a Bible Believing Roman Catholic)

Here is my honest opinion on why people vote to keep it. It has nothing to do with race or history. It is that they are sick to death of hypocritical White Northerners! You know what? I am, too. I want to give a few illustrations. Details are changed to protect the guilty.

Some years ago, an elderly couple in this town, decided to sell their house because they could not manage a large two story home and large yard and gardens. They moved to a smaller one story house with a small yard, across town. A certain “Yankee” went around defaming them, saying that they were moving because they were afraid a Black person might move by them! She blabbed this untrue garbage all over town, totally holier than thou and sanctimonious flag flying high.

Guess what? You guessed it! A few years later, she all of a sudden decided to move all the way out of town and pushed till all her kids moved away too, proclaiming, that Clarksdale was a terrible place. I guess those Canadians that moved next door to her were just too much to bear!

Second verse, same as the first. Another white Northerner, would preach to us terrible Southerners, about how terrible we were and she and her husband were so all that. Sure enough, as soon as her neighborhood became integrated, off they moved for” better business opportunities.” Frankly, I could tell you stories like this for days; Most Southerners can.

People in the South have always lived in close proximity, and for the vast majority of the time, we all get along just fine.  I will never forget the Northerner that moved to town and told me she had never been in a Walmart with black people, that where she came from they had their own Walmart. My jaw hit the floor!

Southerners do not like people coming in and telling us what to do. We hate being belittled by people who need to check that log in their eye before they criticize that speck in ours. It gets our back up. I understand , truly I do, they get on my nerves, too! But, guys, let’s change the flag, because we want to do what is pleasing to the Lord. Forget those aggravating Harpies.

PS. I loathe that Stennis flag with the one star. It is so generic. I would love to see a red, white and blue flag, with a lovely Magnolia. The Magnolia is our state flower and state tree. Surely, even a Yankee could not find fault with a Magnolia!

Yours Truly,

Gussie Farris

Clarksdale, Miss.


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